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Cdags.org is an international community of artists devoted to the contemporary daguerreotype. It seeks to assist daguerreotypists with the sharing of information related to the process and to encourage more to undertake it. It has online galleries showcasing the work of modern daguerreotypists, and images of the equipment used by both modern and historical practitioners. In the resources section, texts of historical and contemporary manuals as well as personal accounts complement the online “Dagforum” and Wiki glossary about the process.

Penumbra Foundation/The Center for Alternative Photography
The Penumbra Foundation is a non-profit, member-supported organization devoted to preserving historical and emulsion-based photography, and maintaining its relevance as an artistic and educational tool in the evolving digital age, through educational programming, lectures and artist talks, exhibitions and resources for research.
Penumbra’s mission is to be a comprehensive resource for photographers at any 
level – artists, students, professionals, historians, researchers, conservationists, and curators who want to learn, practise, and research these photographic arts and processes. The foundation also endeavors to emphasize photography’s continued relevance in society, highlighting its impact on culture, history, and the arts.
The Center for Alternative Photography (CAP) is Penumbra’s workshop-based educational program devoted to teaching original 19th-century photographic processes and 20th-century emulsion-based photography.

IO-1 Jurors

Lyle Rexer
A writer, lecturer, curator and member of the faculty of the School of Visual Arts in New York. His interest in contemporary photographers working with 19th-century photographic techniques, and his authorship of the Antiquarian Avant-Garde make him ideally suited for the evaluation of the exhibition submissions.

Jerry Spagnoli
Contemporary daguerreotypist, photographer and instructor of the process, Jerry’s success as an artist in the contemporary art world gives a vital perspective to the exhibition.

Christopher Mahoney
Former senior vice president of the Photographs Department at Sotheby’s New York, Chris is an authority on the work of contemporary daguerreotypists. His wide-ranging knowledge and skills in researching and cataloguing photographs for auction will provide for a market appreciation of submissions.


Archive of Modern Conflict
The Archive of Modern Conflict is an independent publisher and art-collecting organization based in London (UK) and Toronto (Canada).